Classes are officially done!

I’m happy to say that I have successfully finished all my seminary classes now! Yippie! Now I just have to finish my last internship working as a chaplain starting in January. After that look out graduation because I’ll be receiving my diploma in June! 
On another note…. The pregnancy so far is going really well. I was fortunate to escape the first trimester with very little morning sickness, and I’m so thankful for that! We’re now 16 weeks along and the baby is growing, although my tummy isn’t showing too much just yet. At our second doctors visit we were able to see the baby’s skull on the ultrasound. It was amazing! Although it was pretty visible on the ultrasound, I totally understand if you look at the picture and don’t see the baby… after all it is an ultrasound picture! Our next appointment is in a couple of weeks, and we’re hoping to find out then if it’s a boy or girl! 

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