On Call…

Okay so I can’t actually put a picture with this post because Chris has the camera for the week while he’s out of town. But if you’d like to see the hospital I’m interning at the link is: http://www.methodisthospital.org/

I know that’s not as exciting as a picture but feel free to look. 
So Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) has been quite the experience so far. Tonight is my second night on call, and so far the first that I have actually been called back into the hospital. It’s tough work being with families who are suffering and going through painful experiences and even loss. Every day I process the things I’m doing in the hospital and ask God to give me the strength to respond during crisis, and the heart to carry another persons pain but also the freedom to release that pain to God and not carry it with me. That has been difficult, but I’m working on it. 
I feel very blessed to be welcomed into the lives of some of the families I have encountered. And I feel that even in the midst of suffering I can see glimpses of God’s goodness. There’s so much I don’t understand about pain, and suffering, and death, and I don’t think I will ever fully understand it. But I know and I believe that God is good, and that even in suffering He is present. Even in the silent moments He is there. 
This internship is really helping me to determine if God could be calling me into a chaplain ministry. And right now I’m still uncertain. But I’m fully committed to this ministry for the next 8 weeks, and right now it’s one day at a time. After this internship is over I’ll reassess and ask God to continue to guide me in the discernment process. If you feel led, please pray for me during this time. I know God is stretching me and teaching me in a number of ways. In the meantime… Please pray I can get a good nights rest and not get called back to the hospital tonight! 

2 thoughts on “On Call…

  1. we will definitely be praying for you! and we’re always here to listen if you just need to share, we love hearing your stories! i think you are amazing for what your are doing, and I know God is going to give you all that you need for every family you come into contact with.


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