Nick Names

Names are fun especially nick names… at least when they are nice. So I’ve given my unborn daughter two nick names so far. The first is Little Bowling Ball, because she’s getting so big and heavy that I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball… and she rolls too! The second name is Anaconda, because at times when she moves I feel like there is a huge snake moving inside me! Pretty crazy huh? Anyway it’s all fun and we get some good laughs out of it! 

So yes baby girl nelson is getting bigger each day and stronger too. She moves frequently which keeps Chris and I entertained. The other night she was moving so much that I couldn’t stop laughing because it kind of tickled! 
Each day we get more and more excited to welcome our daughter into the world. As excited as we are, we are also trying to be patient because we don’t want her to arrive to early for her own sake. But we are enjoying the time together as we await her arrival! 

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