The Quietest On-Call Night

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my on-call nights to be quiet! Yesterday and last night were the quietest on-call times I’ve experienced! God was so good to let me sleep all last night. I woke up this morning so very happy!! 

Last Sunday I was on-call too, but sadly it was a difficult day and I had to deal with the worst situation ever. I won’t go into details to spare  you and myself because it wasn’t fun. But I am glad to have experienced it because it gave me a picture of the larger ministry of a chaplain. After Sunday I was ready to throw in the towel and quit, but Monday rolled around and I had probably one of the best days ever at the hospital. So I realized that I promised God I wouldn’t make any life changing decisions regarding Chaplain ministry until I have completed the CPE program… and then continue to discern for a while after. So I haven’t given up on this ministry. There is a great need for chaplains, and I love what I do in the hospital, even though there are things I wish no one ever had to deal with. But that’s life, and God still calls us to minister in those difficult situations. 
So I now have two more weeks until I graduate the program. Thanks for your prayers this far friends! My experience although challenging and terrible at times has been amazing. God has opened my eyes to something new and I’m not quite ready for it to completely end. So we’ll see how God calls me into ministry!

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