Getting Bigger!

So here is a picture of me at 35 weeks pregnant! We’re on the countdown now until our baby girl’s arrival. As much as I am enjoying being pregnant, I am definitely becoming more and more uncomfortable each day. The past two weeks I have measured around my belly only to discover that each week I have grown about an inch around! We had a doctor’s check up at the beginning of this week and he told us that right now the baby is fully developed and would be perfectly fine if I was to go into early labor, but her main job right now is simply to put on the weight. So here I am growing outward while the baby keeps adding on the ounces. I think she gains about a half a pound a week right now! We still have a few more things to get done around our apartment before she comes, so we are praying that we are able to accomplish those things. Next week on our agenda will be to put the base to the car seat in the car. I’ll feel more ready once that is done! But everything is in God’s hands, so whenever she comes we will be happy and we’ll take care of things the best that we can in the meantime! 


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