Beautiful blue skies and gigantic mountains! I love Colorado! The past few weeks have been wonderful as we have settled into our new apartment. But with all moves there are always some challenges (finding your way around, finding a new church, making new friends), but thankfully Chris, Malia, and I are in it together. We love our new apartment and are getting use to the residents that live above us… yes they walk loudly but we get a good laugh from it. We discovered that they actually have two young boys which is probably where most the noise comes from. Best of all with this recent move is the peace and quietness that we find living in our new place (even with the loud walkers… it’s much quieter than living next to a freeway). Every time I walk outside I am reminded of God’s beauty. Nature has always helped me to feel closer to God, and I am excited to draw close to Him as I explore this new place. In the two weeks that we have been here I already find myself so much more at peace than I was before. Praise God for His beautiful creation that I so thankfully get to enjoy!


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