Simplicity of Summer

I am thankful everyday to be alive and able to enjoy my family, friends, and the goodness of nature that God has designed for me to enjoy! This summer has been a wonderful time of healing, rest, and pleasure.

It’s been about nine months since our car accident and we have truly come a long way since then. In the past nine months we have healed from our broken bones, mended from our emotional trauma (although still mending), and given a new look on life. I am thankful for how far God has brought us and I can see that we have a wonderful future ahead of us. We have nothing to fear other than fear itself, and because of that I consider myself to be free. Although there are still moments where the fear creeps in, but I know God has protected us and has a purpose and a plan for our lives.
The past nine months have become more restful as time passes. In April we moved into our first home, closer to the mountains. Everyday I wake up to rabbits in my front yard, the occasional deer resting under our trees. It’s so peaceful. I find myself more rested and feeling alive again. I often take Malia on walks in the neighborhood, and recently have begun hiking and biking again. I feel like my life has been restored and I am doing the things I love to do again.
The simple pleasures in life are becoming more noticeably abundant. This past weekend Chris, Malia, and I took a bike ride on the Santa Fe Trail. It was our first ride together as a family, and it was so enjoyable to be active together! Another activity I find pleasurable is taking pictures. I recently got a new camera which keeps me active in taking pictures. Although I’m still figuring out all it’s functions, I love being able to capture life as I see it.

This picture is Malia (R) with her friends, Sophia (L), and Amalia (C). We went to the girls house when they had a lemonade and cookie stand, and Malia enjoyed playing and being fed popsicles on a rather hot day. We all had a wonderful time and I definitely enjoyed playing with the new camera!
This summer has been a blessings to us. God is good. We have loved getting more settled into our new home, exploring our surroundings, and enjoying the simplicity of summer.

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