Packing on the pounds

For the past few months we have been trying to put some weight on Malia’s little body. She is small for her age, but then again she is my daughter and I’m not a very big person myself. Malia is 13 months, 75th percentile for height, and not even on the weight chart for other girls her age. So we have had almost monthly appointments to check her weight. In all other aspects she’s met all the criteria for girls her age.
Today I’m happy to say we had a break through and she’s packed on some pounds! It does help that she has not been sick and has had a hearty appetite! She now weighs 18 lbs. 4.5 ounces, which puts her in the 3%-5% range for girls her age! Yay!! She’s healthy and strong!
Malia has been exploring more things around her, becoming more verbal, and now climbs onto everything… or at least attempts to even if she can’t get up. We take her back to the doctor in a month and a half for her 15 month check up, and we hope to see a little more weight on her by then! But we’re glad to say she’s happy, healthy, and having fun!

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