Why I love Colorado

I love Colorado for a number of reasons. I love the mountains, the fresh air, blue sky, and the many many outdoor activities that I can enjoy! It’s been refreshing for both Chris and myself to begin hiking again this summer. We both love to hike, but when we lived in California we didn’t get on the trails as much as we would have liked to. So now that we are in Colorado, and finished with school we have been able to once again find new trails to explore.

This past weekend we went hiking with our friend Bridget and her youngest daughter Amalia. We hiked Pulpit Rock, which is an easy hike that overlooks Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Mountain Range. It was definitely an easy hike for both Malia and Amalia because they got to ride along in their backpacks! Thanks

Chris for carrying her most of the way!

Malia loves to go on hikes because she loves to sit on mom or dad’s shoulders and enjoy the scenery. If she rides with me she loves to tap me on the back of my head!
The pictures on the left from top to bottom: 1) View looking toward the south of Colorado Springs 2) Chris & Bridget with the girls in the backpacks 3) Pulpit Rock as we walked up to it from the backside 4) Chris and Malia climbing around on the rocks and 5) Malia with her water bottle after the hike!

This summer we have enjoyed getting to know Colorado Springs by foot. We have hiked a number of different places all with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. It has been fun to enjoy hiking with friends and getting out in God’s beautiful creation.

In one month I begin working as a chaplain. I have had the privilege to stay home with Malia since her birth and enjoy being a stay home mom. I love the time I get to spend with my daughter and I hope that during this next month we will be able to hike more, bike more, and simply enjoy the time we get to spend together. Malia is growing so fast and changing every day, and she has the best grin when she accomplishes something new! I am looking forward to starting my work as a chaplain, but I will miss staying home with Malia. I cherish the moments we get to spend together, but I look forward to the many more wonderful moments God will give us.


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