Hanging with the Lucas Family

Since moving to Colorado Springs we have had the pleasure of seeing many of our friends who have come to visit us. This past weekend our close friends and former neighbors Matt, Dayna, and Myka Lucas came to visit us. It’s been a little over a year since we last saw them, and Malia was only three weeks old at that time, and Myka was about 14 months.
This past Saturday we went to downtown Colorado Springs so the kids could play in Uncle Wilber’s Fountain. At first both Malia and Myka decided that it was better to play with the water in the drain rather than brave the sprinklers. So they had fun splashing around in the little pool of water!

Eventually they both tired of the drain and moved to the fountain. The picture above is Matt, Myka, and Malia playing in the water. I was so excited to see Malia playing in the fountain because I have tried quite a few times this summer to play at the splash parks with her, but each time the splashing water scared her.

After getting closer to the water she finally decided she loved it! Above she is playing with her daddy in the fountain!

After playing in the water was over we went to eat at Poor Richards Cafe. When we were neighbors with the Lucas’ we shared many meals together, so it was nice to be able to do it again but this time with both our daughters. We ate a yummy pizza… or as Myka calls it “peetzy.”

It was such a fun day to spend together and I was reminded of how thankful I am that God has blessed our family with such great friends!

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