Malia’s new hairdo

So the other day I decided to go out and by Malia some hair barrettes. Although she doesn’t have that much hair, she has just enough for me to put a little barrette in it! The best part about this is she loves it! She likes to touch her hair, but that also leads to playing with the barrette. She pulls it out of her hair and then tries to put it back in. She laughs really loud when I put it in my own hair. So for now we will keep attempting to keep the barrette in Malia’s hair. Better that she gets use to it now so when she does have more hair I am able to put things in it! It’s fun having a daughter!

On another note… I took this picture after she ate her lunch. She had macaroni and cheese and oh did she love it! She is definitely my girl! After all who doesn’t like mac and cheese right?


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