Breckenridge Day 2

Our second day in Breckenridge was nothing like the first… good bye rain clouds, hello blue skies! We started the day with a beautiful gondola ride up the mountain. Malia was a little nervous on the gondola and seemed to hang on to Chris and I pretty tight. She did enjoy looking out at the trees below, but was quite content to simply sit on our laps!

After we got to the top of the mountain we started our descent into town. We hiked a trail that went through the Cucumber Gulch Preserve. We stopped for lunch over looking a small lake with a beaver dam, although we didn’t see any beavers, it was a beautiful place to eat. It took us about two hours to hike down because we made frequent stops along the way to take pictures and look around.

Malia loves to go on hikes in her backpack, but she really loves taking breaks too! She enjoys playing in the dirt every chance she gets and loves picking flowers and running around! She was a great little hiker and took a nice nap when we got back to our condo!

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