Breckenridge Day 3

Day three in Breckenridge was our day of playing by the water. The condo we stayed in backed up to Sawmill Creek. So we decided to hike the path alongside the creek. It was a beautiful shaded path along the creek with lots of beaver dams to look at… although again we didn’t see any beavers. Along the way we stopped to play. Malia loved playing in the water!

This is Malia standing beside the creek, although I realize that you can’t see the creek in this picture.

Of course Malia had to work on her jump shots too!
Here is Malia and Chris playing in the creek. Malia giggled so loud. She loved hanging above the water and splashed her hands in it every time she got close to the water.
Finally Chris decided to dunk her head in! She loved it! Her head was nice and wet on the top. She didn’t want to stop playing. As we continued to hike up the trail we eventually came to a reservoir. The views of the mountain were breathtaking. We decided to take a little break again to play in the water.

This time we decided to take Malia’s clothes off her just in case she wanted to get really wet. But she enjoyed playing in the gravel alongside the water and getting her hands and feet wet. At first we didn’t know if she would want to play, but it wasn’t until we decided it was time to leave that she decided to protest that decision. Thankfully once we started hiking again she decided to quit crying.
One fun thing about Malia’s backpack is the little “rear view mirror.” It’s fun to be able to look in the mirror to see her, and she loves to look into the mirror as well.
After we finished our hike we rested a little and then went back into town for dinner and playtime by the river. Chris took Malia down to get her feet wet, but by this time of day I think it was too cold for her to play. Right as her feet hit the water, she climbed up the rocks to get out. So that was the end of our evening in town.

One thought on “Breckenridge Day 3

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