2011 Review

So I realize that is’s already 2012 and it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. So I’ve decided to try and get back into the habbit of writing here again.
2011 was quite the year for us. I completed my Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) residency at Penrose St. Francis Health System. I biked my first 45 mile Ride for the Cure, and I did my first sprint triathlon. I think after all that CPE I needed a good physical outlet! It was a fun adventure.
Chris began construction on a wood fire brick oven in our back yard. He started brewing beer and so far has made five batches, six if you include the root beer (but that was in 2012). The biggest accomplishment was finally finishing the last class for his Master of Theology. He taught two different film series at church and also did a half day presentation for the CPE students in the Denver metro area (this includes Colorado Springs in case anyone is wondering).
Malia’s year was filled with many firsts. She had her first camping trip with her best friend Amalia Roberts. Of course the rest of the Robert’s family came too which was fun! She had her first 10 hour car trip to New Mexico to visit her grandparents, and her first trip to the Oregon coast. She was also baptized Covenant Presbyterian Church in August.
2011 was filled with many adventures, some which included trips out of town. In November we had two trips. One unexpected trip to Oregon to see my grandma when she was in the hospital and one at the end of November to spend Thanksgiving in New Mexico with my parents.
Oregon was fun because part of our trip was spent going to the Oregon coast. This was Chris, and Malia’s first time to the Oregon coast so it was especially fun for me since I spent many childhood days along the Oregon coast. Our friend Julie spent the weekend with us in Seaside, and we also traveled to Cannon Beach, and Tillamook. It was a fun weekend of beach and yummy cheese!
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Malia commanding the waves
Haystack Rock (This was in the movie Goonies)
Malia on a walk
Tillamook Cheese Factory
After Oregon we returned home for two days before we drove 10 hours to my parents home in New Mexico for Thanksgiving. It was a long drive but Malia did amazing! We were exhausted from all the traveling, but it was a beautiful weekend filled with fun. We spent Thanksgiving with my parents friends in their community (about 40 people total), and then had a second Thanksgiving dinner the next day with just family. We played at the playground, went to the dog park, and Malia took her tricycle to ride in my parents neighborhood.
Chris and I at the playground
Malia hanging on the monkey bars
Malia stopping for a moment on the bridge
Now that 2011 has come to a close, we enter a new year with many new and exciting adventures ahead of us.

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