Summer in Full Swing

It’s already July and some days I wonder how it is that time seems to go by so fast. It felt like summer began in April because of the heat… of course I’m pregnant so everything feels hot! Yes, we are expecting our second baby… It’s a BOY! Malia constantly talks about her baby brother and often gives my belly hugs and kisses. She’s thrilled to be a big sister! Now we just have to wait for his arrival which will be sometime mid September. 
 29 Weeks Pregnant
Malia likes to stand by me for pictures!
So this summer is a hot one. Not to mention that the temperatures have been extremely hot too!
Summer began when we went to Connecticut to celebrate Malia’s 3rd birthday with her great-grandma Ruth (who turned older on the same day). 
Malia and Great-Grandma Ruth 

We spent a week in Connecticut visiting Chris’ grandparents and other family relatives while trying to escape some of the summer heat. Sadly even when it rained there it got humid because it was so hot! But we enjoyed exploring the Hartford Children’s Museum, the Carosel Museum, walking to the lake by the house, and playing with neighbor kids. Malia also got to play with her cousins Camryn and Cody, which she loved! Overall we had a wonderful trip and enjoyed the time we got to spend with family, but we were happy to get home and rest in our own beds. 
However, arriving home was not as restful as we had planned. Throughout May I had been on a heart medication to control what’s called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). Basically my heart would race between 160-190 beats per minute. This is something I’ve had my entire life, but it was first mis-diagnosed as epilepsy. So we discovered at the beginning of May after my first trip to the Emergency Department that I have had this heart arrhythmia my entire life. So after being seen for the second time in the ER in May, I had a follow up with my cardiologist after we got back from Connecticut, and after a long discussion with him and my OB doctor, they decided the safest course of action for both the baby and me was to stop the medication (which my body was not responding to) and go ahead with surgery. This decision was taking into account the many other times I had gone into SVT, and my heart would not stop racing as well as other health factors. 
So June started off with having a catheter ablation procedure on my heart. Obviously being pregnant, I was scared, but thankfully since the procedure I have been feeling better than I did before! Hopefully I won’t have to deal with any more svt’s! During the procedure I knew the baby was safe because I could feel him moving the entire time! He’s an active little guy! 
Three weeks after surgery, Colorado Springs experienced a major wildfire that started in Waldo Canyon. Sadly this fire grew rapidly and on Tuesday June 26, we had to be evacuated from our home. The weather changed and with it came a 65 mile an our gust of wind that sent the fire up over the canyon and into a neighborhood close to ours. The sky turned a blood red orange and ash began falling on our property. Below is a picture I took from Malia’s bedroom Window (sorry about the flash).

We safely evacuated our home and stayed at our friends home for the remainder of the week. It was difficult to be away, but I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the families who had to leave their homes for much longer, and some who have no homes to return to. As we drove out of our Rockrimmon neighborhood and looked back toward the mountains we could see the fires on the hillside. The view brought me to tears. There are no words to describe the deep sadness I felt as I saw our beautiful mountains on fire. The very same mountains I often look at and give thanks to God for the   amazing beauty I get to look at everyday. 
It’s been a little over a week since we evacuated our home, and thankfully the fire become more contained by our firefighters every day. We are thankful to be home, and to have a home still standing since so many families lost their homes. We are fortunate and blessed. 
Since returning home, it’s been a busy week of getting many things ready for my upcoming ordination. Yes, next Saturday July 14 at 2pm is my ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I’m amazed this day is almost here. It’s been a long journey, and I’m excited to see that a new adventure will begin following this ordination. Who knows where God will lead me in ministry and lead us as a family. 
Summer has been in full swing since it first began, and we still have a couple of months to go! Hopefully after my ordination we will have a few weeks of quiet as we prepare for the arrival of our son. Life never has a dull moment. 

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