If I Truly Played the Guitar…

If I truly played the guitar, I would feel on top of the world. I would sing as if no one was watching me, and allow my soul to dance free.

Although I might look awkward with a guitar half the size of my body, I would feel confident. I would be that person that I admire. The one who holds her guitar with confidence, and plays as if no one is watching. The girl who creates from the inner depths of her soul. The girl who explores through a world of music. The girl whose music taps into the souls of her listeners. The girl who plays because she feels moved in a way that can only be expressed through her music.

If I truly played the guitar, I would be so excited.

Until that day comes, I’ll continue to tinker my tunes, and sing to myself. Because even though I’m not that girl who truly plays the guitar, I feel the passion of the music that excites my soul and makes me want to create a world of music. A world were I can be lost in the adventure of the tunes.


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