Why does God want me in Russia now?

Why does God want me in Russia now?

Over ten years ago I woke up from a dream. In my dream I saw myself at an orphanage in Russia and working with children. The pictures in my dream were so vivid, the building, and tires on the property stuck out to me when I awoke. I remember waking from this dream and thinking, “Okay God, Russia?” I knew this dream was something from God, but I didn’t know what it meant so I went on with my life.

I moved away from Hawaii and went to seminary in California. This dream never really came up again until after I graduated and we moved to Colorado. We started attending a church and one of our first Sunday’s visiting there was a group of people who had just gotten back from Russia. They were sharing pictures of the orphanage they were at and stories of their travels. I sat in my chair covered with goose bumps. I had this feeling God was working somehow.

Almost five years have gone by since that Sunday, and I have not been to Russia. I wanted to go many times with the teams that were traveling, but each time, it was clear that it was not my time to travel.

This morning I shared this story with a friend of mine at church, and she asked me the question, “why does God want you to go to Russia now?” This question has been circling in my head all day. Why now? What does God want me to do, see, experience? It was very clear when I was praying about this trip that now is the time to go. After the initial meeting for information about the nature of this trip, every night for a week God spoke to me through very vivid dreams. I know He wants me to be in Russia at this time, but I don’t know why. Why now of all the times?

I’m excited to travel, and I leave in one week from today. I don’t know what to expect, but I do expect God to show up in some amazing ways. I pray that He is opening a door for me. A door to someplace He is leading me, and my family. An experience that will change me forever.

I want to see Russia through God’s eyes.

So God, what do you want me to see? Why do you want me in Russia now?


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