Sweetness of Life

Tonight I sit in my room and listen to my daughter play. Her imagination is growing by leaps and bounds and I wonder what it would be like to be in her head for five minutes. I wish I could go back to the days where my imagination would take me on adventures to far off places. Where I could escape my everyday life and go to an imaginary world.

I sit in my room feeling anxious and wishing I could shake that feeling. I’m anxious for my travels to Russia, anxious about being away from my family for two weeks, anxious wondering how my kids will handle my being away, anxious about if I’ve packed the right clothes for the weather, anxious about the amount I will carry on the airplane, anxious because my house is a wreck and I’m leaving, and my list goes on. I wish I could throw it all away, write it down and get it out of my mind, and escape my anxieties.

None of those things I’m anxious about are things that I can control… except maybe my house. I want to relax, and feel the world lifted off my shoulders. I want to listen to my daughter play, and escape into her mind with her. I want to sit and drift away, imagine, and create a place of peace, and solitude. A place where I can dump my worries and let go.

I was blessed tonight to listen to my daughter play. She gave me a moment tonight were I could just let go. A moment with no worries. She brought me back to the sweetness of life, and the sweetness of childhood.


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