Russia I have arrived

I’m amazed that I have finally arrived in Russia.St. Petersburg is beautiful and amazing. I’m always amazed at the fact that God’s world is so large and so diverse yet also so common. The Rusian people I have met so far are so different yet the same as me in many ways. At dinner I met Luda, she is about my age and doesn’t speak English. Although our language is different we still speak. On the subway she looked at me and motioned at how big my eyes were as I was taking in all the sights. We laughed and she smiled. I pray that while while I am here I will make more of those relational connections.

This morning when I left for the airport my husband said in regards to a dream I had, “you have the skill, you just need someone to guide you through Russia.” I pray that God will continue to open my eyes wide so I can take in the sights,and the culture, and I trust He will guide me through this experience using g my skills to reach out to others.


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