Blessed to build relationships

This morning I was sad because I felt sick and had to stay back at the hotel. I missed seeing g the gardens and the boat tour of the city, but by staying back I was able to rest and now feel a little better. In some ways it was a blessing to stay back.

This afternoon, after I woke up and was feeling better I got to go out with one of our translator’s to get some food. The two of us walked to a crepe or and sat in a little park eating and talking. She asked me how I got involved with coming to Russia and I was able to share my story about how God brought me here. It was such a relaxing g afternoon as we talked and got to know one another a little better. She shared with me how she got involved translating, and her desire to go back to school to work with children with disabilities. We talked about orphanages and the children who are often in need of adoption are those with special needs. Tanja use to work as a disciples in one of the orphanages until it closed. I enjoyed my time with Tanja and feel like God took a yucky day and made it into something more beautiful.

I am blessed to be here. God has me in Russia for some reason and I know He is revealing that to me each day. May He continue to open my eyes to see glimpses of His beauty around me, and build relationships with all His children.


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