Five Years and Six Days

This morning I was at the playground with my husband and kids after our daughter’s parent teacher conference. As I watched my family play on the playground I realized that it’s been five years and six days since we survived our car accident. In that realization I was so grateful to watch my children play and laugh as I sat on a bench slightly cold without my jacket.

October 10, 2009, we had a car accident with a bus, that day will always be in my mind and heart, and the way in effected our family. In the past as October has approached, I have faced it with some fear as the weather changes. Watching the leaves fall off the trees and feeling the weather get colder was always a reminder to me of that terrible day.

The first two years following the accident I never left our house out of fear of my memories. Two years ago, as a family we went out for the first time on the anniversary of our accident it was a reminder to me that life still happens even on that day. Last year Chris took Malia and our dog to dog training and it was the first time we had been apart on the anniversary. This year it completely slipped our minds (maybe it was because Trader Joe’s opened that day in the Springs). For whatever reason, October 10, was not a fearful and depressing memory to me.

I’m thankful because I realize that as time passes I experience more healing from that incident. I look at my husband, and our kids, and how busy our lives are and I am grateful. I’m grateful that we are active, and I’m grateful that we have things going on in our lives that keep us moving forward rather than on dwelling on our past. Yes, the car accident stopped me from living for a time, and it caused me a lot of pain, but I am still alive. My family is growing, and our lives are changing.

This year I have not feared the weather changing, but I am enjoying watching the leaves change colors with my kids. I’m enjoying walking in the brisk weather to Malia’s Elementary School. I’m living my life the way God intended me to live it, and I’m taking in every breath of beauty one moment at a time. Yes, I’m sure I will have my moments of fear and reminders of our accident that will take me by surprise, but I will continue to move forward in life enjoying every moment that God has given me.


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