My Little Loves



These are the two faces that changed my life….IMG_6740.JPGLike most moms, I think my kids are pretty amazing, beautiful, and smart. Most days they make me laugh, sometimes they frustrate me, somedays I wish for quietness, and other days they exhaust me. I look at my children and I feel blessed that they call me “mommy.” It is a privileged to grow with them each day, even though some days are more difficult than others.

I want to be the type of mom that gives them everything. All the love and space they need to grow into the adults that God has created them to be. I want to teach them the world is an exciting place to explore and that people are good. I want them to see love and find beauty everywhere they look. I want them to find joy in their lives so they will always smile and laugh.

I want to give them so many things, but I also have the urge to protect them. I want to protect them from experiencing pain and suffering. Although, I know that when we live our lives, we will experience both joy and sorrow, love and loss. I may not be able to shield them from pain, but I will always be by their side, journeying in life with them, loving them, and guiding them to make the best choices they can make for whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

These two faces changed my life, and I hope that wherever they go, and whatever they do, they will always feel the love I have for them.





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