Savoring Sunday

October has been a beautiful month. The leaves have slowly changed colors, and we have enjoyed looking at the red, orange, and yellow leaves that have decorated the trees. Today when we got home from church I noticed that most of the leaves have fallen from the tree in our front yard. I love Fall, but I don’t like raking the leaves, unless I’m going to play in them. But afterwards, I don’t like cleaning them up. I suppose that’s the downside of Fall.

This has been the longest most beautiful Fall season I have experienced since moving to Colorado five years ago. I have been in awe by the colors of the trees, and the crisp weather. I know that as this season changes more into Winter, I’ll feel the chill in my body again and long for warmer days. But for now, I’m enjoying the moment, and savoring what days we still have.

Seeing the leaves change color and fall to the ground, are always a visual reminder to me that we never stay in the same season of life. Things are always changing, some seasons feel longer than others, and some more comfortable than others. I know that the season of life that I am in, although somedays feels long, it will pass by in the blink of an eye. So I ask my self is, “what will I do with this season? Will I savor it? Will I long for it to change? Will I make the most of the time I have?”

Learning to live in the moment and savor the time is a challenge I struggle with. Often I look ahead in life, and desired change to come quickly and asked God, “How long Lord?” I realize that every time I ask that question, there is no immediate answer. I realize I am, and can be impatient. I want things to move quickly, and I want things to change quickly when I feel stuck. Ironically, it’s when I slow down and savor the moment  that I find the most peace.

Tonight the power went out at our house. It’s still out. Thankfully my computer is running on a battery now so I can finish this post. But, when the lights go out I tend to slow down. I relax in the darkness, and enjoy that activity of doing nothing. So I will savor this night, as I savored this day, and this season. After all it won’t last forever.


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