Broken I come…


to the Lord’s Table, where I am reminded that we are all wounded and scarred, in need of God’s grace, love, and mercy. We are born with an innocence, as small babies into a large and broken world. A world where we are in constant need of feeling loved, accepted, and welcomed, in every awkward stage of life.

In Russia, my eyes were opened to seeing a broken generation of orphans. Kids born into families, that were unable to care and love for them. Families, that for whatever reason could not guide and shelter their children to adulthood. These children were orphaned. Some at a very young age, and some when they were older. These kids desire to feel “normal” and not be looked upon as an orphan. The word “orphan” becomes a stigma in their lives that someĀ cannot escape. Many kids perceive the terrible things in their lives to have happened because they are orphans, the un-adopted, the un-loved.

The reality is that we are all broken inside. Sometimes our experiences in life leave us feeling isolated, as if no one understands, or has experienced our situation. The truth is, we are not alone. As I shared my own story of brokenness with some of the students at the Kostroma Ministry Center, I was able to convey that brokenness is universal. The ways in which we are broken may be different, but we are not alone, and we all respond differently to what and how we are feeling.

We all have battle wounds, and scars, but God desires wholeness in each of our lives. He desires to see us grow out of our brokenness. Sometimes we need to quiet our own souls so we can hear God’s spirit, so we can hear words of love, and acceptance. It’s in the quietness of our souls that we become open to seeing beyond our own brokenness and into a world where we can love and be loved.



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