Black Bean Burgers

Flavor is the essence of what excites our tastebuds leaving our mouths watering for more. I love food, and most people who know me, know that I love food. For as much as I love food, I have these crazy dietary restrictions. First of all, I’m a vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and gluten intolerant. Oh and did I mention I have a lot of allergies too. (I won’t even start on that list. But if you are curious google oral allergy syndrome and you can see what I’m talking about.) On top of those restrictions, I do have a sweet tooth that I often struggle to control. But regardless of these things, I still love food.

I first struggled with the lactose and gluten intolerance, because it eliminated most of my comfort foods. To be more specific my love for macaroni and cheese. The longer I have avoided dairy and gluten the easier it has become, but occasionally I still have the urge to indulge in something that I know will upset me later. Fortunately those urges are fewer and farther in-between.

I still struggle with eating healthy, and avoiding the things I know my body cannot handle, but I’m finding new things I love to eat. I love researching recipes, and planning out our meals for the week. It’s fun to try new things, although some recipes are far more time intense than I want to attempt. Fortunately that’s where my husband comes in since he has a passion for cooking!

So for tonights menu, I made my first attempt at making black bean burgers. I used the recipe found on this link:

We had black bean burgers with avocado, and tomatoes. Served with a side of sweet potato hash browns. It was quite tasty and super easy to make! We will definitely be adding this to our menu again.

If you decide to try and make these, let me know how yours turn out and if you make any modifications! Enjoy!




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