Seven Things of Gratitude

I often look at my life and wonder where I’m going and what I’m doing. I focus on trying to see God’s bigger picture, and sometimes in the process I miss the enjoyment of being in the moment. I imagine that if I did see God’s bigger picture I wouldn’t be able to handle it, and that’s why He gives me glimpses of His beauty in the picture. Since I’m a dreamer, seeing glimpses definitely builds my excitement and I dream of the possibilities that could be attached to each little glimpse.

I’m grateful that God does build up my excitement and opens the idea of new possibilities in my life. I have always said, “it’s the little things that get me excited.” It’s true that I get excited about little things. I get excited about having a clean dresser, going to the grocery store… without my children, rearranging furniture, and knowing that it’s the little things that open doors to bigger things.

I’m grateful for the ways I dream and believe that anything is possible. Dreaming motivates me to do things, and try, even if I don’t succeed, the adventure of trying outweighs looking back on my life and wishing I had tried.

I’m grateful for God’s promise that I am never alone. I am blessed to have my children who remind me that I am an amazing mom, although not perfect, my husband who reminds me that I am a gift to him, even when he doesn’t express it, and my friends who remind me that I’m okay being me.

I’m grateful that God has a sense of humor… at least I think He does. I look at my life and think about all the things I told God I would never do or places I would never live. Haha! Funny how telling God no didn’t work out, but through those adventures my life has been blessed.

I’m grateful that life is a learning process. I will be a life long learner in everything I do. I’m surrounded by people who teach me all sorts of life lessons, and I’m humbled knowing that the knowledge I have gained from those people is what has helped shaped me into who I am.

I’m grateful that I do see life as an adventure. There are physical challenges, mental challenges, and spiritual challenges. There is never a dull moment… although at times it may feel dull. Life is full of ups and downs, things are constantly moving forward, and I get to move forward with it.

I’m grateful that God has made me a teacher, even if teaching is not my profession. I get the privilege of teaching and shaping my children so that they can grow up and make good decisions in their own lives. I get the privilege of mentoring high school students at my church and hopefully planting seeds of hope and change in their lives. I get the privilege of teaching through my actions and not just my words.

Even though I spend time wondering about my life, and where I’m going. There are a lot of positive things taking place in my life now. I my not know what the future has ahead for me, but I know that it will be an adventure, and God will show me glimpses of His plans for my life.


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