Happy Halloween

I never realized how much I would love being a mom, until I actually became a mom. This season of life is so different now that Malia is in Kindergarten. Balancing a new schedule has its challenges, but the rewards by far outweigh those challenges. I was excited to volunteer for Malia’s fall party at school. The theme was Dia De Los Muertos. The kids decorated skulls, listened to a story about Dia De Los Muertos, ate snacks, and paraded through the school in their costumes. It was a fun morning.

My little girl is growing up, and has changed so much in the past few months since starting school. She brings me such joy as I watch her learn with excitement. I savor these moments when she is little, because I know she is growing up fast. I never though kindergarten would come as quickly as it has, but now we are here, and in full swing with school.

It’s crazy when I think about kindergarten, and then I realize that Malia will remember her kindergarten days too. I wonder what she will think of, and what memories will stick with her?  I wonder which memories she will savor in her mind, and which friends she will think of when she remembers kindergarten.

2014-10-31 10.02.13

It’s not just my kids that are growing, but I’m growing and changing with them. I hope that as we all grow together, my kids will always know the love I have for them. Hopefully we will share these good memories together and look back on them with smiles and laughter. 2014-10-31 10.41.09


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