Hold The Spice

Truman Capote said, “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” if this is true then please, hold the spice. I love spicy flavors that cause my tastebuds to sing, but when it comes to failure, I’m not one who likes that spice, but then who is?

Failure has always been one of my biggest fears. It was a fear that snuck up on me and before I recognized it, I had pulled way too many hairs out of my head, and missed out on too many opportunities. Yes, I still fear failure. I don’t think this will be a quick thing to overcome, however, over the years I have learned to kick up the spice. I’ve learned to put myself out there, and not let my fear of failure hold me back. After all, what do I have to lose, other than to be in the same place that I started from?

I like to believe I live a life full of spice and adventure. The other night at the dinner table, I asked my daughter, “are you sweet or spicy?” She replied “spicy.” Then she said that I was “spicy” and Daddy and Micah were both “sweet.” I think she got it right. We do have spicy personalities. Although, I wonder where the spice shows in my life? Obviously my daughter thinks I’m spicy, so what does she see that I have difficulty seeing in myself?

I fear more the thought of never living my life to the fullest.  I have had many failures in life, some that have caused me deep scars, but those scars have created character and perseverance in me. It’s because of those scars that I have learned to stand with confidence and face the possibility of failure head on, and I do, even though inside I’m deeply afraid. I have learned to work with my fears, acknowledge  their presence, and not dwell on their existence.

Maybe I can take a little more spice, after all the only way to acquire a taste for something is to continue tasting it.


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