Words that Inspire

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, But words will never harm me.” Many of us probably remember this rhyme from our childhood. As a child I never fully understood this saying, but I remember yelling it back to the bullies on my playground. The reality is that words can hurt, they may not physically harm a person, but they can hurt a person deep to their core being.

I never fully grasped the harm of words until I was a teenager. I had an argument with my parents the night before they were leaving on a trip, and I remember saying some very nasty things to them. Things I wish I could have taken back. Often times we speak before we realize what we are actually saying, and once the words go verbal, there is no taking them back.

Over the years I have grasped a better understanding of the power of words. Both written and spoken words have the ability to lift a person up or tear a person down. I hope that my words will always be uplifting, loving, and inspiring, but I also know I’m not perfect. I say stupid things at times that I wish didn’t spill out of my mouth.

I’m grateful that words have the ability to inspire us. They have the power to change the way we think, and the way we speak. I’m grateful that I am a life long learner of how to use my words, both in speech and in writing.

On Pinterest, I keep a board called Inspiring Words. I like to collect sayings and Bible verses that are encouraging, and that cause me to stop and think. Words that inspire me to think deeper than what is simply written on page.

I’m grateful that I continue to seek out words, that change the way I look at life, and continue to shape me into the person I desire to be. I’m grateful that we were given the power to make good of what we say and how we say it.


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