The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood….

The Road Not Taken, a poem by Robert Frost, is the first poem that comes to my mind when I think of poems. Especially during the fall. When I was a child growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah there was a hike up Big Cottonwood Creek Canyon, called Dogwood Lake. I remember hiking the path feeling so small between the the massive trees of yellow and gold that stood around me. That trail reminded me of the Road Not Taken. The silence that filled the air, except for the small breeze that caused the leaves to fall to the ground, and the suns rays that danced on the leaves, created this place of solace.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. I was standing in Robert Frost’s poem, as a senior in high school facing decisions about school and life that would effect many things to come. Somedays I look back and I feel I took the road less traveled. My path in life has been nothing like what I had planned, but then how often do life plans come to pass exactly as we like it.

My road traveled has taken me coast to coast, across the Pacific, down rocky paths full of dirt, some trails paved nicely, but mostly not. My road has taken me to my husband, and to life with our children. My road may not have been the perfectly paved road, but it’s the road I have traveled, and the road that has gotten me from wherever I began to where I am now.

We all come to a place in life where two roads diverge, and we must make a decision on which to travel. I hope that when my children are faced with these roads, they will chose the one full of adventure, life, and beauty. I hope that they will not be afraid to take a road less traveled, and I hope that I’m not afraid for them.

Life is full of mystery. We may not always travel the road we want in life, and sometime we wish we could find the exit, but the road we travel is the road that is leading each of us somewhere.


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