Home Sweet Home

Chicago Airport

I have always found traveling to be exciting. Going to a new place, experiencing different airports, people watching around the globe, and enjoying the process of getting from one place and culture to another.

Travel these days does come with it’s challenges too. Tight connections, crowded security lines, and paying to check a bag on an airplane has causedĀ planes to be much more crowded since people all pack carry-ons these days.

Even with the new challenges of travel, I’m thankful that we have the ability to start our day in one place in the world and end in another. Technology has advanced so much to allow us the luxury of travel, and sadly it has also made us a commuter population in many ways.

I still love to travel. I suppose that will never change. But what I love even more, is coming home and settling back into my place, resting in my bed, and jumping back into our families routines until the next adventure.



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