A Brain… No It’s Bread

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread?

Nailed it! Not quite. I think my bread looks more like a brain than it does a delicious loaf of sandwich bread. Maybe it was thinking about rising in the oven and then stalled out. I was attempting to make a Gluten Free Sandwich Bread and it didn’t quite turn out like I was hoping it would. One of two things happened, either I killed the yeast because my coconut milk was too warm, or the yeast didn’t rise because the temperature of my house was too cold. Either way, it didn’t rise. So I’m going to have to attempt this one again. The bread is still pretty tasty. It’s not soft and light like a sandwich bread is suppose to be. The texture is more like a pound cake, without the same sweetness.

Sometimes I love to pretend that I’m an amazing chef, or baker in the kitchen. Then I have moments like this where I’m brought back to reality, but it’s still fun to pretend. I do have a lot of cooking experiments that turn out great, and then I have those that do not.  I could tell you many stories of interesting experiments gone wrong in my kitchen, but not today.

Baking gluten free has it’s challenges, like finding the right flour mixture to get the right texture and taste.  This is my first attempt at baking bread, so it will probably take me many more attempts until I have it somewhat perfected. I’m definitely not discouraged by the outcome, although I really was hoping to make a sandwich. My next attempt will be to bake that recipe with my husband. Fortunately he is a very good bread baker, so I’m hoping that if we attempt it together, we can figure out what went wrong with this attempt.

Hopefully my next loaf will look more like bread and less like a brain.



2 thoughts on “A Brain… No It’s Bread

  1. Not the best cooking day at my house, either: the wrong kind of flour ruined my choc chip cookies (which my son needed for a visit to some veterans); then, I forgot to buy Rotel tomatoes for a spicy chicken dish and had to use regular tomatoes — very bland 😦 With cooking, there is always another day.

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