A Glimpse of My World

I was reading from Cee’s Photography Blog and loved that she posts writing challenges encouraging us to share our world. So here is a little bit of my world today!

What is your favorite color? 

My favorite color is purple. I love most all shades of purple, but I especially love the deeper shades.

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

Today I enjoyed watching my five year old daughter bundle herself up, walk into our backyard with her little sled, and attempt so sled in our flat back yard. Oh, and did I mention it was only 6 degrees outside. She brought a smile to my face as I watched her play in the snow, and run around dragging the sled behind her.

Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio?

I would prefer a studio decorated in a way that inspires my writing. A room with a beautiful view filled with lots of natural light. I would want a cozy chair to relax in, a desk where I could write, and a wall filled with my photography.

What is at least one of your favorite quotes?

Guy: “Your a mouse.” Reepicheep: “You people have no imagination!”                       ~ C.S. Lewis Prince Caspian

“Death opens a door out of a little, dark room (that’s all the life we have known before it) into a great, real place where the true sun shines and we shall meet.”       ~ CS Lewis Till We Have Faces: A Novel of Cupid and Psyche

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that last week I was able to travel to Louisville for a conference, and over the course of the conference met some other amazing women in ministry. In the week to come, I’m looking forward to beginning Spanish Conversation for parents at my daughter’s elementary school.


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