100 Things I’m Thankful For

While reading a blog by K. Renae P. I was inspired by her post on  100 Things For Which I’m Grateful. She inspired me to list my own 100 things that I am grateful for. I like focusing on things of gratitude, and I liked this writing challenge because it was a simple task to list 100 things, no need to expand upon them. I think sometimes simply listing things is a quick reminder of the many things I have to be grateful for. So here is my list in no particular order other than what comes out my head as I write.

  1. My God who created me
  2. My family that loves me
  3. My husband who married me
  4. My children
  5. My friends
  6. The gift of laughter
  7. Writing
  8. Daydreaming
  9. Warm weather
  10. Cold weather…if I’m warm
  11. A house over my head
  12. Lemonade
  13. Ministry to Russian Orphans
  14. Compassion
  15. The gift of words
  16. My kids playing dress up
  17. Hugs and kisses
  18. Nap time
  19. Hot chocolate
  20. Popcorn
  21. Movie nights
  22. Date nights
  23. Surprises
  24. Reading Books
  25. Quiet time
  26. Helping others
  27. Mango
  28. Passionfruit
  29. Surfing
  30. Hiking
  31. Swimming
  32. Biking
  33. Relationships
  34. The complexity of Family
  35. Good health
  36. Communicating with friends around the globe
  37. My dogs
  38. My cat
  39. Things that are soft
  40. Mexican food
  41. Learning to cook gluten free
  42. My kids silliness
  43. Learning languages
  44. My ministry with hospice
  45. My ministry at church
  46. My ministry in my Presbytery
  47. For diversity
  48. My pressure cooker to cook beans
  49. Making friends
  50. Keeping friends
  51. Sunsets over the ocean… and the mountains
  52. Spring flowers
  53. Snuggling with my kids on the sofa
  54. Lazy mornings that I can stay in bed
  55. Allergy shots
  56. Modern medicine
  57. Acupuncture
  58. People’s unique stories
  59. Story telling
  60. Guided meditation
  61. Having paychecks
  62. Teaching children and adults
  63. Tea… hot tea
  64. Moms 4 Moms ministry
  65. Preaching
  66. Reading Books
  67. The Bible
  68. Freedom of religion
  69. Candles
  70. Warm fires in the fireplace
  71. Gardening
  72. Playing in the sand
  73. Sleeping in the hammock
  74. Triathlons that challenge me
  75. People who inspire me
  76. People who challenge me to be a better person
  77. For my new mailbox
  78. To write on my blog
  79. For the ability to travel
  80. Thai sticky rice with mango
  81. My children’s laughter
  82. The ease of sending pictures with my phone
  83. For my love of dabbling in photography
  84. My desire to continue learning
  85. My continuation of new projects
  86. For finishing old projects
  87. My Subaru
  88. Camping
  89. Dirty kids while camping
  90. Swimming in the ocean
  91. Our Home Group
  92. Planning for the future
  93. Living in the moment
  94. People who encourage me
  95. Sitting in silence
  96. Feeling the breeze on my face in the summer
  97. Sunshine
  98. Adventure
  99. Creativity
  100. My role models

So this is my list of 100 things I’m grateful for. Writing this list put a smile on my face when I thought of the many things and the many reasons I listed each of these. Focusing on gratitude is not always easy, but if we want to do it, we have to start somewhere. Making a list with no explanation is one way to begin.


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