First Snowfall


I wish I was as brave as my family when it comes to venturing out into the cold. Just thinking about going outside when the temps are below freezing makes me cold. If I could keep my thermostat in my house around 80 degrees in the winter, I would, but my husband won’t let me, so I keep it around 72.

We are now going on ten years of marriage, and in our first year of marriage, we had more disagreements over the temperature of our apartment. Now we have come to an arrangement, he keeps the house at 70, I turn it up to 72.

Last weekend I was in Kentucky for a conference, and when I got home on Sunday afternoon the weather was beautiful and in the 70’s. Monday morning rolled around the the temps began to drop, then the snow came on Tuesday along with freezing temperatures. Now I realize winter has finally come. I can’t complain since we had a beautiful Fall season, and it lasted a long time this year.

Now I look forward to hot chocolate and popcorn for afternoon snacks with  my kids. I love cuddling up in blankets to read stories, and I even love putting on my hat and scarf if I have to bear the cold weather outside.

So winter is here, and surprisingly so is the Christmas music! We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving! But Christmas does seem to come earlier each year. This year we are looking forward to the holidays. My parents are coming to visit us for Thanksgiving, and my husband’s parents are coming for Christmas. This is always a busy time of the year with family and travel, and although sometimes it feels crazy, I love having our families with us. I love how each year our kids get excited to have the grandparents visit, and they remember things from the year before. Watching the excitement in them reminds me of when I was a child and the excitement of the holidays and family.

One of my favorite things about Winter is cooking sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. I know I could cook them anytime of the year, but there is something nostalgic about cooking those during the holidays. Oh and I forgot to mention I love spiced cider too!

Even though I’m freezing cold, all the time. I’m excited for the things that Winter brings, especially when it comes to watching my crazy family play in the snow!


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