This is Bread

As a kid in school I was always excited to go to home economics. I loved learning how to cook, but somehow every time I attempted to cook the recipe at home it was a total bust. It could have been that I needed glasses, it could have been that I was dyslexic with numbers, but mostly I think I didn’t read the directions clearly. I once baked a cake with two cups of water and wondered why it wasn’t setting up right? Those were the good old days of learning to cook. Fortunately my cooking has seen better days, as well as my baking. I still don’t claim to be an amazing baker or chef, but I have a good time in my kitchen.


Last week I shared with you my post A Brain… Not it’s Bread. Well this week I have redeemed that brain of bread, and my gluten free bread turned out pretty good. I made a few modification to the recipe. The recipe called for 1 Tbl. of yeast, I used 3/4 of a tsp. and let the mixture sit at least 20 minutes so the yeast could wake up. I allowed the bread to rise over an hour, but it could have gone longer. I think the temperature in my house made a difference on how quickly the yeast was waking up. It was below freezing this week, and even though my house remained at 72 degrees, the yeast was a little cold in those temperatures and took it’s time to wake up. So baking this bread took longer than the 20 minute prep and 30 minute baking time, but it turned out nice.

IMG_6933.JPGAfter I took it out of the oven, it did deflate a little on the top. That makes me think I should have let it rise longer before baking it. Overall,  I think it was a success. The texture was more like bread this time and less like a pound cake. Although I think it had a slightly spongy texture in the center which I don’t like, but if toasted it tastes great for a sandwich. I will probably make this again, but I’ll still be on the look out for a good gluten free bread recipe, one I can eat without having to toast.


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