Psalm of Lament 1

How long O Lord will this cough last?

I’m weak and weary. My chest aches in pain.

Every breath feels like I’m being squeezed. So tight I can barely move.

I’m weak and weary. My energy is low.

How can I give you praise when it aches to utter words?

How long O Lord, will this pain last?

I sit motionless, focused on breathing deeply, yet it comes out shallow.

I’m tired. I try to muster up what little energy I have, yet it fades quickly.

I cry out, “take this pain away.” Yet the pain remains.

Lord, shine your light into those places deep within my chest.

Burn out the pain with your healing light so that I may utter words of praise.


4 thoughts on “Psalm of Lament 1

    1. Good question Dylan. Praise comes in many forms. I chose words of praise because because speaking has been more difficult with this chest cold I’ve had for weeks. While I can give praise in other ways, my spoken words have been scarce. What do you think? Are words praise?

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      1. Wow, weeks with a cold. That sounds like it should go away soon πŸ™‚

        I think that praise is anything which is expressed in those perhaps most difficult things there are to truly express with words: love, peace, patience, kindness, fruits of the Spirit…

        Words, I think can certainly be a vehicle for communicating that deeper, underlying praise. Or something like that πŸ™‚

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  1. Well said. I work as a hospice chaplain, and I see many people who cannot communicate through words, but the ways in which they can express their praise is just as powerful if not more powerful. I truly believe God sees our hearts, and knows our prayers even when we cannot speak words. Words can be a vehicle, but they are not our only form of transportation!


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