Thankfulness In A Difficult Day

Thursdays are when I typically write about something I’m thankful for, but honestly today has been a tough day. While there are many things I am grateful for, I feel exhausted and in need of a retreat.

But today I am thankful for many things in the midst of this crazy day. I’m thankful that I was able get an appointment with my doctor since I have had a horrible chest cold for weeks. I’m thankful I was able to get an appointment for the vet specialist to figure out what’s going on with my dog, and praying she doesn’t have another tumor forming. I’m thankful for my husband who often reassures me that we will be okay even though it feels like the storm is pouring its rain on us. I’m thankful that my kids love to read the Bible at bedtime, and my daughter asks some amazing theological questions for a five year old. I’m grateful that even though I’m tired, I forced myself to get up and write because writing is soothing for my soul. I’m grateful that for all the difficult things I faced today, they did not get the better of me.

I’m grateful that because this day was difficult in a number of ways, it has reminded me that I’m in need if some good self care. That it’s time for a quiet retreat, away from the chaos so I can focus on the goodness that is still to come.


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