Remember These Days

My family is amazing, and not just because they are mine, but I’m sure that’s a huge part of it. I’m so grateful for my husband and the ways he cares for our kids and for me. I’m grateful for my kids hugs and kisses each day, and their wild stories and conversations we have together.

I watch my kids and wonder so often what they will be when they grow up. This morning, I told my son I was going to the doctor today since I have had a cough for weeks, and he said, “I’ll get my doctor kit mommy.” He came and opened his kit, listened to my heart, gave me a shot, and pinched me with the tweezers. It was cute to see how serious he was. He is so sweet and gentle in his nature.

My daughter is also sweet, but she is more the explorer in the family. She tells us she wants to be an Astronaut when she grows up. She has been saying that for two years now. I wonder if it will change, or if her desire to travel to the moon will continue to grow as she does. She loves science and art, and has quite an imagination.

As a parent, I often think about my kids futures, what they will become, what they will love, who they will someday love, and what things they will remember from their childhood. As an adult, sometimes I still wonder what I will become when I grow up. I have always said I am a life long learner. I may never learn it all, but I will keep growing my mind for as long as I can.

I hope my children will remember these days with good memories. God has blessed Chris and I with two beautiful children, who make us laugh and smile, who drive us crazy at times, and who make us love them more and more each day. Every day I learn how to be a better parent because of my kiddos, and I will be a life long learner at that.


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