“I love you”

IMG_6966.JPGEvery night I tuck my kids into bed, give them a kiss, and pray for them. This was something my husband and I started when our daughter was born. We pray for our kids. Every night we pray for God’s angels to surround them, protect them, watch over them. We pray for our kids to grow in their relationship with Jesus and that they would know and love him deeply.

My daughter is now five, and she has started praying at night. She prays for our family, her friends, and our Compassion sponsor child, Marianny. Micah is two, he loves to pray, but his way of prayer is to lay quietly while we pray and then say, “amen” when we are finished. Both our kids have grown up with prayer as a part of their lives because this is something we have modeled for them.

Many orphans don’t have their moms or dads praying for them each night. They don’t have someone to tuck them into bed, and model what it means to love and to be loved. I do my best to pray each night for the students I met in Russia. I pray for them as I pray for my own children, and for Marianny. My prayer for each of these kids is that God will meet them in powerful ways so that they recognize His presence in their lives. I pray for protection, and for each of them to be surrounded by a community that loves them, and cares for them. I pray that as each of these kids grow, they will learn to love because they recognize God’s love for them.

When I think about the many orphans who go to bed each night alone, without hearing the words, “I love you,” my heart breaks for them. We were all created to be loved. Kids may go to bed without audibly hearing the words, “I love you,” but hopefully many will go to bed knowing someone is praying for them, and knowing they are loved first and foremost by the One who created them.



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