Doctors, Doctors, and Vets

IMG_6972.JPGThis past week has been incredibly crazy feeling. Between doctors and vet visits, I’m exhausted. A month ago, our dog began having problems with her bottom. Four years ago she had one anal glad removed because of a tumor growth. I’m happy to say today that she is healthy. After a month of problems, medications, and visit to the vet specialist. They were able to determine that she does not have another growth on her remaining anal gland.

I have been battling a terrible cold and cough for over a month, and thankfully I too check out with a good bill of health. Although I am still fighting the lingering bronchitis, things could be a whole lot worse.

My son has also had a terrible cough, and last week we went to the doctor. Sadly we found that he has pneumonia. He was terribly lethargic for a two year old and pretty uncomfortable. All he wants to do is sit, watch cartoons, and snuggle with mom and dad. He is doing better today, he finished his last dose of medication, and next week we go back for another chest x-ray. Being sick is terrible, but we are fortunate because things could be a whole lot worse.

2014-09-13 09.29.33
My Russian Cat

This week I spent a lot of time thinking about the cat I met in Russia. His name is “Striopa.” My daughter keeps a picture of him on her dresser. He was my big fat Russian cat, and I would have loved to bring him home with me. He lived at the dacha, and was loved by all the students who went out to the dacha. Stiopa, would wander around watching to make sure everyone was doing good, then he’d find a good place to take a nap. He was a sweet fat cat. I loved watching the students interact with this cat, because he was so loved by everyone. Animals love to be loved. They love having their person to care for them, pet them, love them, and feed them.

Animals have always been good companions to people. They decrease stress, and anxiety, they bring joy and smiles to peoples faces, but there are the occasional annoyances as well. Animals need love and care and they sense our need for love and care as well.

The cat at the dacha was amazingly loved by these students who grew up not experiencing that love. They cared for this cat, and looked after his needs. The students had huge hearts for this cat, and I loved seeing the care and compassion that each student demonstrated in their interactions with Striopa.

I wish all people could love the way I witnessed this love. The world would be a much better place if we could all demonstrate love, care, and compassion. I’m grateful I met Striopa. As much as I wanted to take him home, I knew it wasn’t possible, and he would have been greatly missed.




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