Thinking of Russia

This past week I was contacted by a missionary serving in Russia. She contacted me to continue our conversation about the possibility of me traveling with a team to do some training. She wanted to let me know that the teachings I have shared in Russia with the orphans on grief/loss, anger management, and compassion fatigue (for the staff) was of great interest to many of the people she works with. But that those teachings would also be relevant for the families they work with who have chosen to keep their special needs children.

I’m honored that I have been in touch with this woman about the possibility of teaching in Russia. I have no idea what this could look like, but I trust that God is guiding this process. Originally this missionary was seeking someone who could do some  hospice training with a group in a children’s hospital. Sadly that group of women in that ministry burned out and directed their energies elsewhere. I pray that if that need arises again that I would be able to offer some training. Hospice care can feel overwhelming, especially if one has little or no training.

Years ago when God placed Russia on my heart, I didn’t know what the possibility would be to travel there. I was living in Hawaii, and had no connections to Russia. Now many years later I have traveled to Russia to work with orphans, and now have the possibility of returning to train leaders. I hope and pray that God continues to open doors of opportunities for me to serve in Russia.


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