Greatest Gift

If there was one gift in could give to Jesus this Advent season what would it be? What could I possibly give to show my love and devotion? What would be enough?

The cheesy answer in my mind says I would give all of me, but what is all of me? I am flawed. I am broken. I am still discovering who I am. I strive for perfection but always fall short. I may know who I am now, but as I grow and change I learn more about myself.

I embrace my flaws, at least most of them. I struggle with imperfection and feelings of being not good enough. So what could I possibly give to Jesus? The One who gave His life for me?

I can give Him all of who I know I am. I can give him my feelings of imperfection and fears. I can let Him shine light on those places in my life that I have kept in the dark. I can give Him the fearful and broken parts of me. I can give Him the gift of seeing me without any bows and ribbons attached. I can give myself. Not the perfected me, but simply me.

I am good enough. Christ died so I may have life, and so it’s this life of mine, broken and all that I give to Him.


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