Beauty in Sleeping

Sleep is such a beautiful thing, something that as an adult I appreciate now, but as a child I hated. Watching my kids unwind at night and slowly fall asleep is something I cherish. To see their breath change to a rhythmic pattern and their hands slowly fall to their sides is refreshing for me. It’s refreshing because I know my day with them is done, it’s refreshing because I have the quietness I desire, and it’s refreshing because I love to take these moments of life in knowing that they will never be the same.

I love that when I watch my children sleep, my time slows down. I can take a deep breath, and I can watch them. I think about how they slept when they were newborns, and the funny positions they sleep in are similar to the movements they made in my belly.

I love the strange sounds they make when they talk in their sleep, and when they snore so loud I think the dog is making noise. I simply love to watch them.

Each day my children grow bigger. They become stronger and more independent. One day they won’t need me in the same way they do now. Time will continue to press forward, and these days will pass. I may not get to watch them sleep as they get older, but I will get to watch them grow, and make decisions that will impact their lives. But until that time comes, I will cherish the moments I have to watch them sleep at night.


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