Finding Balance

It seems like each New Year I hit the ground running. At times I feel like I’m running aimlessly because I’m so busy, yet I don’t know what’s keeping me busy. It feels like we live in a culture that says we always have to have something going on in our live in order to be “productive” or to be “accepted.”

I often think about the days of my childhood, when playing after school felt like hours upon hours. Sure I had homework, but life was much more relaxed and care free. As adults, our lives become filled with work, family, our families activities, our “to do” list around the house, keeping up with friends, and many other activities I’m sure. How often do we simply take the time for ourselves?

I have my hand in a lot of different activities, and some would say it’s more than my hand. I’m currently the moderator of my Presbytery, I co-lead a moms ministry at my church, I work nights with hospice, I’m a parish associate pastor at my church involved in youth ministry, prayer ministry, teaching, and preaching, we are part of a service dog organization, and I participate in all the school events at my daughter’s school… my list goes on. While I love all the things I am a part of, I realize that what is most important is taking care of myself and focusing on where my gifts are best utilized. The difficulty in that is I flip flop between day and night, and it’s rough.

I have begun to scale back on the areas that I am involved in, but it’s challenging too because some of the most life giving things I do are areas I need to step out of… at least for a time.

I share so often my desire for balance in my life, and I think it’s so important to my health. I pray that God will open new doors for me where I’m not flip flopping between day and nights.

I wish I knew the plan God has for my life, but I know that he shows me glimpses of things as I’m ready for them. Seeds have been planted in my life and are coming to bloom at different times.

I hope to find more balance in 2015. Balance between my ministry, family, and personal life. Balance between saying “yes” and saying “no.” I’m still young, and I know that if I can seek to find a better balance in my life in all things, I will feel better over all and I will last longer in the the things I do.

So here is to finding balance this year! May we all figure out what works for each of us so we can have peace and well being in our lives!


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