Home Again

It’s been three weeks since I got home from Russia. I’ve adjusted back to my time zone, jumped back into work, spending time with my family, and still trying to get my house somewhat organized. When I got home from Russia, I decided that I needed to take a bit of a Sabbath to devote more time to focus on my life, my relationship with God, with my family, and with my friends. I needed this time to take a deeper look at where my time is spent.

The first weekend home from Russia, I attended a women’s retreat at my church. It was a wonderful weekend for me to clear my head of everything, and make room for God to speak. So often my head is filled with so much stuff, that I honestly don’t allow the space for God to speak into my life, nor do I take the opportunity to listen to what He is saying.

I have always been the type of person to charge out of the gate and sprint until I run myself tired (which is kind of funny since I was a distance swimmer). But I run myself tired so often that I burn out fast when I’m not centered, listening, and taking care of my soul. So although my life feels like an unorganized mess at times, I know that often things get messy before they become organized.

At the retreat I made a vision board, a collage of things I want to work on and toward in my life. It was a wonderful way to reflect and visually see what I want in life, for my health, my family, my relationship with God and others.

Another part of the retreat was to listen to the Word that God was speaking to us. The word I heard over and over was Trust.

Trust Rock

Throughout my weekend I heard God inviting me to trust him. Trust him with my worries, and my future. So this is my word for the year that I’m going to do my best to focus on. To trust not on my own understanding, to trust that God’s plans are to care for me, provide for me, and see me succeed for Him. I’m slowly releasing my control so that God can be in control. I’m trusting that God can pace me so I don’t burn out, and help me to take things one day at a time.

The past two years I have trusted my ministry in Russia to God, at least I think I have. Although I noticed that both years, I worried about if I would raise enough funds to travel. Now I have traveled to Russia two years in a row to do ministry alongside our Russian partners to bless those orphans transitioning into life outside the orphanage. I pray that next year, I will be back in Russia, and that I can continue to be a part of the ministry and work that God is doing in Russia. My hope is that this year, I can turn my focus to God, trust that he has the plans for my life, slow down, and allow Him the space to speak into my life.

If prayer is a part of your life, I ask you to include me in your prayers that I may learn to trust God more each day. Please also pray for Russia, pray for the orphans, and pray for the many ways God is changing the lives of these kids.


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