Quiet Time

Finding quite time in my life has been a challenge since having children. I have tried so many different times and practices, none of which have worked. Over the past three weeks, I have found my quiet time in the morning, which is funny since I’m not a morning person. Although, this seems to be the best time and practice at this stage of my life.

My desire for quite time comes from my need to be close to God. As a pastor you’d think I have my quite time all figured out, but as a mom, wife, friend, chaplain, and all the many other roles in my life, I often feel stretched thin as I try to figure where in my life I set aside time for myself and God.

This morning, my quiet time was not so quiet. My son woke up with me and wanted to stay by my side all morning. I told him I was going to have my quiet time with God and if he wanted to be with me he had to be quiet too. I invited him to have this time with God too, and he was excited to pray. This is my kid who loves to pray at bedtime. The best part of my morning was that as I walked out of my bedroom, my daughter walked out of hers. I asked her if she wanted to pray with me this morning too and she cuddled up on the sofa next to where I sit to pray and prayed with me.

For the past six years I have struggled to make time for prayer. I do pray throughout my day and keep a constant conversation going with God, but the challenge has always been carving out time where I’m not moving. Today I feel like my time with God has expanded to my children. For the past few weeks they have woken up early and found me sitting in my spot on the sofa with my Bible and journal and asked me what I’m doing… and for good reason since they know I’m not a morning person!

So today, my quite time was actually not as quiet as it has been. My children came and prayed with me, then played quietly in the room with me, until they got into a fight and my son hit my daughter and tears and crying, and time out took place. I have to say, that today’s quite time, although not very quite, was the best it has been because my children are seeing the importance of my time with God, and they are desiring to enter into that space with me.

Raising to children is challenging enough with all the things that compete for their time and attention. My hope is that I can model to them the importance of stepping out of the busyness of their lives and taking time to center themselves around the giver of life. The Lord who loves us, watches over us, and desires to be with us. bible21


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