Day 1 Unplugged 10/1

Of course I’m off to a rocky start on unplugging. I’m at the airport getting ready to fly to Texas and I’m checking my Facebook on my phone. I deleted all the games on my phone to rid myself of the temptation to play, but the idea of deleting Facebook, well I just can’t go there yet.

There are great advantages of having my phone and all it’s capabilities. For instance, my boarding pass is on my phone and I no longer have to keep track of a paper pass when traveling. Technology definitely has positive and negative aspects, and right now I’m loving the fact that my boarding pass is safely in my phone.

As I look around the terminal most all of the people I see have their phones in hands, and earplugs in, candy crush at their finger tips, and movies on the go. It’s almost as if the world around them is non existent because the focus of their world lays in the palm of their hands.

As I write a song I learned as a child comes to mind, “He’s got the whole world in his hands…” We cannot actually hold the world in our hands, but we do a pretty good job trying since our smart phones provide the world at our convenience while keeping our heads down.

I wish we could all look up and away from our tiny world to see the beauty of God’s larger world around us. Yet, here I am tempted to “check in” on Facebook that I’m traveling to Austin. Why is there not a place for us to “check in” with God? Where is our ability to update that status?

I want to open myself up to a world where I am checked in with God everyday and mindful of my place in God’s world, a world so large that I cannot hold it in the palm of my hand. holding-the-world-in-our-hands


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