Day 2 Unplugged

Silence is all I hear this morning. No alarms… but that’s only because I woke up before it. The Texas sun is up and it’s light glistens down on the leaves and trees. It’s a beautiful morning.

Today is Jim’s memorial service, and I’m grateful that in the silence of this morning I can process and actually hear my thoughts. Today will be beautiful but also challenging. Attending two funerals in two states within a month has been tough, especially because they were people who were like family to me.

A few days ago I updated my iphone and now I have the capability to send funny gif’s in my texts, and hand write messages. I admit… I’m hooked… and I find it hilarious. Today I sent a lot of funny texts to my husband and my friends, and in some ways it was a social thing because it became a good conversation starter with my friends I was with. I laughed so hard, harder than I have laughed all month. This was a fun distraction, and one that I think was needed today since we needed some laughter in light of the heaviness that this day brought.

I recognize how blessed I am to have friends I have known over 25 years. Together we have celebrated getting driver’s licenses, graduations, weddings, children, and now funerals. Even in the midst of the grief we share, I’m grateful to discover moments of joy.

 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires joys of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

Well I was not totally unplugged today and that’s okay, it’s about the journey.



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