Day 4 Unplugged

Okay so trying to stay unplugged while being away from home was a challenge, and while I don’t feel like I was the best at staying unplugged, I do feel like I was able to be present and experience God in the people around me. To be with friends over the weekend was a huge blessing, and on top of that I was blessed to stay at another friend’s guest house which made traveling for the memorial service much easier for myself and two other friends who stayed with me.

I use to LOVE traveling, and I still do, but it’s not as fun as it use to be. I remember as a kid getting to wait at the terminal gate to welcome people coming to visit me, and also walking friends to the gate and standing there to wave at them as their airplane was leaving the gate. Now days the airport seems so impersonal because everyone is in a rush to get where they are going, and it seems rare that I find a friendly person to strike up a conversation with.

This past week, I have felt a freedom from putting my phone down, even though I was not as successful as I would like to have been. But I feel like through this process I have been able to see the world differently, and I find myself more drawn into conversations with God. I use to journal a lot in my younger years, and it’s been nice to regain some of the joy I have in writing, and taking the time to sit down with my thoughts. I hope that over the course of this journey to unplug, I will maintain a healthy habit of writing, and find pure enjoyment in the process.


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